Live love yourself and your goodness will inspire all your loved ones.
— Paramahansa Yogananda

In honor of heart's desires, I am called to engage with all my kin on a creative and spiritual level, to marathon in league of ultimate freedom by fearlessly unleashing the wake of passion that wells and courses through these quicksilver veins. Novum137 is making good on a declaration to take prancing Pegasus soars above stale comforts of old. Up, up, up. Limitless mountains of infinitesimally glazed celestial heavens and on high towards a nursery of galactic creation. That by the virtue and power of will, faith, and trust, anyone can fiercely rise above circumstances in flaming occasion, aligning and acclimating soul journey with fruitful accomplishments.

This creative and spirited outlet serves both completion and celebration, where desire for change and freedom is practiced with love, compassion, discernment, focused will, balance, and tranquility. It is a sacred space serving faerie glittered plates varietal dishes of all things spirit-festive, creative-festive, and life-festive, all in cute princess mermaid cocktail-sized itty-bitties and all sparkly shiny shinies. *heart bubbles fill the room*

Here at Novum137, I sincerely reveal my heart -- reveal all that is sacred to me with faith and trust that it will be received in kind and reciprocated in sincere honor. I will share as a friend and soul sister how I approach this world in love, what gets me pressing ahead each present day, what motivates me to love myself and to love humankind, and all the reasons and ways I honor my infinite potential. I put myself face-to-face with the risks of venturing beyond the familiar safety of my circle, mindfully knowing that the whole world is my home and all kinds my friends... I let my true self -- my heart -- be present to the world because I wish for the peaceful love and infinite potential to be realized in you and radiated by you.

From this moment on, I worry not about the details. I choose to go with the flow of the Universe, to trust She navigates me towards the vision I carry nestled within this vessel. I go forward with action and purpose knowing there is nothing to fear. There is no place too dark, for every footstep illuminates a constant reminder that I am the Light. I am not alone where I have the courage to venture my whimsy. I am brave -- brave in the choice to take the chance to live my authentic self. I am brave to try -- to understand that any mistakes along the way are only lessons to help me grow stronger and wiser from the experiences. I choose to act and learn rather than to do nothing at all. Yes, I choose to be brave. I choose to step fully in the direction of my dreams and, with every breath of life, will my vision towards me. I shall not descend, no I shall not descend. I will fly and soar to Spirit as the light eagle of the sun and as the night eagle of the moon. I ascend and ascend, ascending to novum heights regardless of those that wish to see me fall.

I build upon the words and wisdom of the greats by living the change I wish to see, living the love I wish to inspire and celebrating the delightful flavors of the world I wish for all to savor. In honor of you and in the company of the ancients, I strum mantras of my heart's soul seeds into Divine Mother's hands, waiting patiently as She tends to a foundation built upon my lotus dreams.

I would like to highlight a constant theme that you'll find at Novum137: 

Change begins Within. Inspire the Novum in You.
— Novum137

When I talk about Change, I refer to "Transformational Awakening". The transformational awakening of finding your True Self by shedding old forms of external conditionings and welcoming the new you - the new you awakened in your individual true nature. Our true nature is a divinely perfect creation, a divinely "unique" perfect creation from being to being. The best time is the time you are free to be you, the best you living an authentic life.

*bangs brass gong*

Infinite Blessings and Pure Love always, in all ways to you and yours. Ah Seh Nai, Ah Seh Nai, Ah Seh Nai. Aum. Peace. Amen.

Namaste, Novum LaLuna